The 20th International Conference for Academic Cooperation and Communication between Russia and Korea

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In 2020, Korea and Russia celebrated the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The date of diplomatic relations between the two countries is September 30, 1990. The two countries, which had been completely disconnected in the past in the Soviet Union, achieved remarkable achievements in promoting cooperation and friendship in many fields after diplomatic relations. Commemorative events that were planned in advance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Russia were partially canceled or held online due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak. As an example, June 29 from 9 August week is a Russian Cultural Center hosted by Korea held a «former Russian Online Korea Movie Screening» is the Russian Global  Korea Young was an opportunity to broaden the interest and understanding for the anger. Since diplomatic relations, as a result of efforts for cooperation and communication that have been ongoing since diplomatic relations, Korea-Russia relations have been continuously developing and growing in all areas including politics, economy and culture.

The 20th International Conference of Overseas Korean Scientists in 2020 is evaluated as a remarkable milestone in evaluating the 30-year history of diplomatic relations between Korea and Russia and the current academic cooperation relationship between the two countries. This international conference began in 2000, 10 years after diplomatic relations in 1990. The organizers planned an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary, but the event was held online from October 19 to 21 due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

This conference is held every year for the purpose of exchanging experiences, academic achievements, and creative ideas of overseas Korean scientists, and preparing a venue for academic exchange through cooperation and communication. As it is an international conference for scholars in Russia, Korea, and the CIS region (former Soviet Union), the size of the organizer is enormous. Russian scientists Council (АНТОК), Kazakhstan scientists Council (KАХАК), Uzbekistan scientists Council (ТИНБО), Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies (КОФСТ), hanreo Science and Technology Cooperation Center (KORUSTEC) and Moscow consider man youth movement the Conference Main Sponsorship.

The 20th International Conference on Overseas Korean Scientists attended not only experts in the fields of science, technology and humanities, but also university students and graduate students studying in various fields in Russia. Most of these are Koreans overseas. Russia, which has the largest territory in the world, has limitations and limitations in time and space, with a difference of 11 hours from east to west, even if they are willing to attend academic conferences mainly held in Moscow. In spite of the regret that we could not meet face-to-face at the 20th Online International Conference on Korean Scientists from Overseas in 2020 this year, more Korean scholars and officials from Goryeoin, especially overseas Koreans, who will be the future protagonists of this international conference. It is evaluated very positively for drawing attention, communication and interest.

Seo Ji-yeon,

Study Korean, 2020-11-23

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